People talk about your brand.

Maybe it’s time to for you to listen…

With BaaS services you can have a full and clear picture of your Social Media reputation, easily and quickly. The advanced Social Media Analytics services provided by our company help you to:

  • Listen
  • Evaluate and
  • Answer to what social media users say about your brand.

More specifically, each Social Media Analytics research on your brand reveals to you, among other things:

  • HOW MANY MENTIONS were made in the time period you are interested in (Daily Volume)
  • IN WHICH MEDIA TYPES these mentions were made (Share of Voice)
  • HOW MANY PEOPLE read them and HOW MANY TIMES they were republished (Popularity)
  • WHICH WEBSITES mention your brand the most (Top Domains)
  • WHICH USERS mention your brand the most (Top Authors)
  • WHAT KIND OF SENTIMENT they express about your brand (Brand Reference)

BaaS Social Media Analytics service also has another advantage that is unique in Greece: the Greek Thesaurus of Words and Meanings, which enables the software to identify the Greek language and, more importantly, the disposition and tone of the conversations that determine what kind of Sentiment is formed towards your brand!


The power of Social Media in your hands!

Online Reputation Monitoring

Determine the image of your brand in the Social Media really fast! How? By taking advantage of the potential of the greatest Data Warehouse in the world! Representing the top monitoring tool SDL (Alterian) SM2 in Greece, BaaS has access to 15 billion online conversations that have taken place from 2007 until today. At the same time, SDL (Alterian)  SM2 collects and stores 50 million conversations per day!

What does this mean for you and your brand?

Instant and reliable update on everything that has been written about your brand on the Internet from 2007 until today based on a Data Warehouse that is nowhere else available in Greece.

So, take advantage of the possibilities our company offers you, in order to develop your brand’s marketing strategy having a full and clear picture of your Social Media status!

Crisis Management

“Like”, “Share”, “Tweet”, “Retweet”, “Comment”, “Post”, “Repost”, “Reblog”. Nowadays, the Social Media give everyone the opportunity to express their opinions in dozens of different ways! So, no brand can feel confident about its Social Media reputation, as long as a negative comment coming from a single user may launch a small “anti-campaign”- a crisis, that is.

Μonitor & Engage. With the use of the SDL (Alterian) SM2 Engagement Console, BaaS keeps you informed in real time about what is being said online, and works with you to deploy a Strategic Reaction Plan in case a crisis occurs!


Consumer insight – Market Research

We can see the Social Media as networks of people talking with each other. Or we can see them as “focus groups in progress”.

Users are already sharing their ideas, views, everyday habits and everything else a brand needs to know in order to deploy the right communication strategy that will bring it closer to its online audience. BaaS can help you to identify the audience groups your brand should target, record their opinions and habits, and exploit this knowledge for optimizing your online communication targeting!

Identification of Influencers

In the Social Media, as in all kinds of Media, there are certain authors who influence readers more than others. These Influencers may become your Brand Ambassadors tomorrow. Our company can identify the Influencers who are mentioning your brand, find out their disposition towards it, and assess the influence they have on other users. Our influencer research offers you a clear knowledge of who affects the online image of your brand and how. These social data help you to create a Reaction Plan, in order to deal with what is written about you online.

Competitive Audit

Where does your brand stand compared to the competition? BaaS gives you the opportunity to conduct comparative researches, extract valuable insights, and get a full picture of the market and your brand’s place in it.

ROI Measurement

Before you launch your next campaign, brand or event, BaaS helps you to set up the metrics you’ll need to evaluate the results of your activities. We’ll measure the impact and reach of your efforts and give you the data you’ll need to assess the all-important ROI.

Campaign Metrics

After the launch of your Social Media campaign, you can monitor and evaluate its results according to the goals you established. This service allows you to proceed to corrective actions whenever this is needed, in order to achieve the desired results.


We see the numbers, but we focus on the essence!

BaaS takes the Social Media Analytics service one step further to offer you something more than numbers and graphs: Insights. More specifically, each of our researches includes:

  • Clear interpretation of the results and identification of the key findings.
  •  Detailed analysis and evaluation of your online reputation.
  •  Influencer Analysis:  An analysis of the most significant top domains/authors and their influence, based on their overall online presence, popularity (traffic rank, fans and followers, klout score etc.), as well as their relevance with your field of activities.
  •  Conclusions and suggestions by specialized analysts.

Thus, each research reveals not only the online image of your brand, but also how it has been formed, by whom, and for what reasons. And, above all, you get informed on the possible ways of improving it!

You may Download a social media insights report here : Generics in Greece

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