SDL (Alterian) SM2 V5.2

SDL (Alterian) SM2 V5.2

Alterian SM2 is a business intelligence product that provides visibility into social media and lets you tap into a new kind of data resource: your customers' direct thoughts and opinions. It allows you to easily capture and analyze data from social media channels to monitor your brands, identify key communities and influencers, address customer service issues, and generate new sales leads. Our content is sourced from a variety of providers as well as from our own collectors. We partner with industry leaders around different media types to achieve the best coverage. SM2 coverage includes:
  • Blogs (LiveJournal, TypePad, Blogger, Wordpress)
  • Message Boards and Forums
  • Microblogs (Twitter, Plurk,
  • Wikis (sites that allow the public to make changes & updates)
  • Video and Photοsharing (YouTube, Flickr)
  • Social Networks (Ning, Facebook, LinkedIn)
  • Classified Sites (Craigslist)
  • Review Sites (ePinions)
Alterian SM2 provides you with a comprehensive set of user tools, reports and metrics that allows you to track and analyze conversations. Monitoring conversations, sentiment and competitive information through multiple social media channels is a vital part of building a consistent brand as well as creating relevant content that engages your audience. SM2 reports include: Daily Volume
  • Measure the magnitude of conversations for specific brands by coverage
  • Define time periods including archived history
  • Drill into the coverage of specific posts or comments
Share of Voice : Learn what sources are having the greatest impact on a discussion
  • Review content type share across multiple channels
  • Compare the share of discussion across several brands to understand what's driving the conversation
Compare Dates
  • Analyze brand conversations against competitors
  • Track how topics trend over time in comparison
  • View side-by-side comparisons, rank against competitive offerings and benchmark against industry standards
  • Discover issues being discussed about your brand, competitors or industry
  • Understand a specific audience's unique interest
  • Ensure keywords are accurately utilized within search setup
  • Identify influential sites, blogs and people
  • Segment by popularity, gender and age of author
  Author Tags
  • Compare tag keywords between your brand and competitors
  • Understand the common themes and magnitude of a conversation
  • Identify niche keywords for SEO
  • Map Overlay
  • Understand the magnitude of a conversation across various regions
  • Isolate physical locations of various conversations
  • Drill down to interpret the nature of the conversation
  • View Reports
  • Awareness reporting with one click ensures you won't miss an important post or article
  • Get access to relevant verbatim in real-time
  • Ability to stay informed on hot topics and react quickly
  • Sentiment Reports
  • Gauge customer brand perception or emotion to advertising
  • Understand the sentiment distribution for a brand over a specific period of time
  • Customize sentiment specific to industry or brand
SDL SM2 Advanced Features  :

SDL SM2 Advanced Features :

Storyboard Report : Infographic with a single click !

For many of our customers and partners, a lot of effort is taken to encapsulate SM2 data into consumable, easy-to-understand results. This new Storyboard report gives users an infographics-like report that is easily exportable. Components of Report: The top part of the report will be a text-based set of data that "talks"about the primary data points in plain business language. The focus of this section is around changes to search volume and sentiment analysis. How much are people talking about us? This component, based on Daily Volume report, displays Total, Average and Peak of Daily Volume Data. Who is talking about us?: This visualization is based on the Media Types results in the Share of Voice reports. What are they saying?: These figure icons representing positive, neutral and negative sentiments are displayed in horizontal line. How are they saying it?: Based on the Top Languages report, the highest language will be in the called-out bubble with the total percentage, with the remaining top languages below. Where are they from?: Top country will be displayed on top with a larger country/national flag and the remaining top countries will be below with smaller country/national flag. What are they saying the most?: This is based on the Categories report. In this section, the top five results in terms of volume by category are displayed.

Sentiment Analysis

SDL (Alterian) SM2 utilizes a proprietary set of technologies including word parsing, weighting, proximity and Natural Language Processing to enable the most accurate and customizable sentiment analysis. It also allows you to develop and define customizable dictionaries, manually review and override sentiment, conduct mining in C# script and select multiple language sentiment.
  • Greek Sentiment analysis is included since January 2011.
The SM2 user interface provides multiple levels of sentiment analysis:
  • Brand Reference: Analyzes the words in the post that are referring to your search terms for positive and negative references.
  • Content Tone: Measures on the tone of the complete content. This measures the amount of positive and negative emotion not just around a brand but around the complete post.
  • Emotion: Analyzes the words that are being used and match those typical words used when expressing the 16 standard human emotions.

Social Media Console

SDL Alterian released the SM2 Social Media Console!
  • This enterprise-level functionality offers a dynamic approach to scaling social media engagement across an organization. It allows users to easily capture, analyze and actively engage in social media conversations while coordinating outreach across multiple business divisions. The application’s interactive workflow process allows users to respond and prioritize conversations via Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Flickr.
SM2 Social Media Console provides users with the ability to:
  • Monitor and actively engage in social media conversations directly from the platform
  • Interactive workflow process for easy assignment, prioritization, response and reviews
  • Engage through individualized accounts for personalization
  • Collaborate social intelligence across the enterprise
  • Audit trail of interactions, responses and notes of specific posts
  • To learn more, download the SM2 Social Media Console Data Sheet
The console is available as an add-on to the SM2 application. SM2 clients will not incur additional fees for this new functionality. To activate this exciting new feature, simply contact us.

Data Warehouse

  • SDL (Alterian) SM2 has an extensive Social Media Warehouse with historical data containing over 10 billion social media mentions, blogs, tweets, posts, images and conversations. This data includes in-depth information for each search result, including 36 types of data ranging from the date of publication to the physical location of the content creator. We continuously scan and index online conversations to add to this growing data warehouse.
  • We are currently collecting 45 million new results daily from virtually every available source. Our clients have full access to the database via the SM2 User Interface which has powerful tools for analysis, sentiment, reporting and real-time alerts.
  • SDL (Alterian) SM2 provides one of the most expansive selections of multi-language coverage among social media monitoring solutions. Global brands need to monitor and analyze conversations around the world, not just in their own backyard. Language identification is detected using multiple algorithms based around the character sets used in the post as well as the common language words.

SM2 offers the following language capabilities:

  • Sentiment Analysis in 20 languages
  • Language filtering and detection in 60 languages
  • Ability to collect content and set-up search terms in ALL languages
  • Translate link that automatically translates a result into your default language

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