Leximancer Text Analytics

What Is Leximancer?

Specialist analytics technology for unstructured, qualitative, textual data

Leximancer has long-pioneered the approach that meaning must be emergent from the base text and unbiased by external direction. Our breakthrough technology identifies emergent seed-words in the text, to which it bootstraps a Thesaurus of supporting defining terms to form rich ‘Concept’ entities, that are then cleverly clustered into higher-level ‘Themes’. Thus, Leximancer rapidly consolidates large bodies of text into meaningful insight and is much more robust than basic keyword search – Concepts can be determined in the text simply via sufficient presence of their evidence terms.

Leximancer truly is automatic

Unlike other products, Leximancer derives the solution automatically each time from the base data itself, so:

  • delivers true, unbiased discovery – as well as user-controlled exploration
  • requires no onerous set-up of dictionaries, keywords or ontology
  • provides a dynamic taxonomy creation and management environment
  • gets to a results-set quickly for further iterative analysis

Market Research, Social Media Monitoring, Customer Intelligence & Forensic Analytics

Not only does Leximancer support numerous data-file sources, it also provides powerful new web-crawling capabilities, thus consolidating and interpreting both data locked within the Enterprise and on-line social media scattered across the internet. The solution is presented as a visually compelling ‘Concept Map’, depicting the salient Concepts and their relationships, which can be readily interrogated at either the Theme, Concept or Thesaurus level – with drill-down capability to the supporting text. There is an equivalent Concept Tag Cloud, various xml and csv export reports, an interactive log-book interface and an innovative new Insight Dashboard, specially designed to get immediate insight into the data and solution characteristics – at the press of a button!

Breakthrough Sentiment Analysis

Leximancer’s latest technology contains the ability to Compound Concepts together via Boolean operators, plus an automatic Sentiment Lens – an extension of its ‘thesaurus-learning’ methodology which greatly enhances the accuracy of sentiment detection, by:

  • ‘conceptualising’ sentiment seed-words to better identify their true meaning
  • removing ‘rogue’ or ambiguous sentiment usage
  • identifying any newly emergent sentiment terms
Sentiment is becoming a paramount concern for organisations, especially in today’s burgeoning blogging world: ‘What are our customers saying about us, and why; are they Promoters, Detractors – or simply Passive?’ See Leximancer’s Net Promoter Score applications.

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Customer Testimonials

“Leximancer’s principle of allowing the Concepts (meaning) to ’emerge’ from our actual data delivered an unbiased and unconstrained solution to a large and inherently subjective data set that is traditionally prone to researcher interpretation. This ability to deliver ‘objective discovery’ and not just ‘controlled exploration’ dramatically increased the depth, rigour and integrity of the findings. Leximancer’s visual and interactive Map enabled us to stunningly portray the Concepts and Themes that were embedded within the phenomenon of leadership transformation.”Skye Phillips Associate The Alignment Partnership