About BaaS

BaaS stands for Business as a Service. We are a business intelligence specialized company operating in Greece. BaaS solutions are focused on offering companies the best of breed from the Social Media Marketing, Business Intelligence and Data Visualization world. 

In a rapidly advancing industry we detect the best products and services in business intelligence and innovation management, and collaborate with the world leaders in these sectors, thus helping Greek companies to grow, thrive and feel secure. In a challenging time period companies need to be cautious and invest only in proven, efficient and innovative solutions. The several divisions of BaaS are managed by experienced and successful professionals in the fields of Business Intelligence and Information Technology . We believe that our people and our customers are the most valuable asset we have. We are dedicated to our customers and their success is both our reward and motivation.

The BaaS team


Contact us :

Contact us :


twitter: BaaS_GR
Phone:+30 211 8000400
FAX: +30 2118001100
E-mail: hello@BaaS.gr