Due to the latest developments in Libya and the statement of President Barack Obama on this matter, ‘BaaS’ decided to analyze President Obama’s statement with the help of Leximancer’s text analytics technology.
The kind of analysis we provide is for making our readers understand the power of the text analytics technology. We are not related with politics or try to emphasize in a specific opinion. Of course we support the establishment of democracy wherever it happens.
By analyzing  this small statement  we got valuable insights at a level in which  anyone  that reads this blog post will never need to read the  statement . The insights are obvious below.

Picture No 1 :  High Level analysis of themes.

The hottest theme is the circle in red. Democracy. This is the basis of the statement and what Barack  would like to emphasize for.
Democracy for Libyan people which United States considers much respected. Observe the rest of the Themes in this Graph (circles)


Picture No 2 :  Detailed level analysis of themes and  concepts.

In this picture you are able to see the concepts (words) that form the themes (circles)  like Democracy, Libyan, Dictator etc.

Observe that TNC (Transitional National Council )  concept  appears in the Democracy theme. USA understands that the only way to establish Democracy in Libya is by allowing  TNC to work on this .



Picture No 3 :  The Path to Democracy

In this picture you are able to see the path between concepts we selected. So Democracy passes through TNC, a required transition as Barack Obama mentions which will protect the rights of Libyan citizens and make sure also that their rights are respected.  Of course we expected nothing less than this !


Picture No 4 :  How USA is related with concepts on  map

In this picture observe the purple lines showing the connection of theme “United States” with the rest of the concepts in this map.For sure, USA would like to see coordination , TNC to work for Democracy and protect Libyan citizens rights.But of course you may have a closer look and let the image speak by itself.



Picture No 5 :  How TNC (Transitional National Council )  is related with concepts on the map

In this last picture observe the red lines starting from  concept TNC  (Transitional National Council ) and ending to various concepts. As an insight  we might say that concepts related with TNC can be the directives from United States to the council. Finally observe that TNC does not have any direct relation with any of the concepts near “dictator”.







Thats it for now. We hope you have enjoyed and understood the majority of the insights  that this statement tries to pass.

If you want BaaS to analyze your text documents using the superior technology of Leximancer (or any text in social media)

contact us at :  Social@baas.gr

With respect to Libyan people fighting for Democracy.

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