Tonight is the night. Tonight we will find out if social media users can be as active in real life as they are on the web. “Indignants” take inspiration from the Spanish movement of “Indignados” that still demonstrate in many Spanish cities. Truth is,  we don’t need this kind of inspiration. We, in fact, have so many more reasons to act-up, it is surprising that we haven’t done anything yet. Well, it’s never too late. Or is it?

Here’s the original call from the “Indignants” as posted on Facebook:

“Indignants” at Sintagma

We only need to be heard

For the last few hours many things are being heard and told about this movement. It’s more than necessary to underline that a peaceful protest movement is going to take place tomorrow 5th May 2011 at 18:00 o’ clock at Sintagma Square, where everyone, apart from age and believes will be heard. So we request that whoever has the intension of causing problems of any kind to declare “not attending” and stay at home. Let’s show that the new generation differs from the previous, but at the same time builds a generation with new minds and different idealism, which is going to bring radical changes to our society.
The word “fed up” is under no circumstances used to stir up the movement or show the way how to do it. On the contrary, it has already been strongly emphasized that we want us to meet peacefully and impulsively, without a plan. We only want to protest peacefully.
Every single person in this protest page represents and reflects themselves and only them. Without committees and votes. So we invite everyone to be responsible for their words and actions. That doesn’t necessarily indicate something negative. But not wrong impressions are to be made.
That means a peaceful and impulsive protest movement.
Our initial goal is to join the movement with our kids, to meet with each other, to see friends and familiar people. The occasion is the situation which we live in. No flags, no placards, no political parties and organizations. Spontaneously.
The page’s administrators are not the event’s creators. At first there were two of them and then for practical reasons, mostly for spreading reasons, they became more and more. Like each and everyone of you we are also responsible for our words and actions and we only represent ourselves.
We peacefully declare our indignation against the crisis. Against all of those who brought us in this situation without us wanting it. Impulsively, without political parties and believes. We also diffuse the same movement, which is going to take place in Thessaloniki as well as in Patras.
P.S. 1: Some people may try to disorientate our movement’s date and time. Don’t listen to them. The movement is going to take place at the same time in Athens-Thessaloniki-Patras! It is also necessary to emphasize that this movement is a simple people’s initiative and has nothing to do with members of any kind of organization.
P.S. 2: This event was made once more, since the initial one was cancelled out of the blue for unclarified reasons, so I am not the initial creator. The only thing we really need right now is this to be spread and nothing more or less.

Written by: Us
Translated by: Maria Menounos


Here’s the original link

As we can see on their FB page, people who say they  will attend the demonstration are over 17.000 now that I’m writing this post. Approximately 6000 people refused to attend, while more than 170.000 people haven’t replied yet.

Let’s see how “Fed-uppers” were seen from a journalist’s point of view: Mr. K. Giannakidis from

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